FPA: World 2
Vital statistics
Start Tutorial (World 2)
End Level 6 (World 2)
Prerequisites Take Back The Ice Cream From The Angry Rabbit
Level 6 (12 if you count the secret areas)
Location Unknown
Rewards Ice Cream
Previous Next
FPA: World 1 FPA: World 3

FPA: World 2 is the second game of the Fancy Pants Adventure game series.


When you are rewarded a tasty Ice Cream Cone by the mayor after proving your skills at Fancy Golfball, your prize gets stolen by an Angry Rabbit! Now it's up to you to retrieve your prize from the Angry Rabbit. As you search for the Angry Rabbit, you encounter many amazing places and fight new monsters and even find brand new secret areas in the second world of the Fancy Pants Adventure!